"Zhavoronok XXI VEK" LLC develops and manuctures electronic Speed Limiting Device (SLD) since 2012.

We provide installallation,repair and calibration of automotive electronics: tachographs,Engine Control Units, GPS/GSM tracking systems since 2000 year and are recognized experts in this field.

In 2012 we started development and manufacturing the Speed Limitation Device model "Nadezhny Control 80" according to international standards.

At the moment more than 40 000 pcs. SLD "Nadezhny Control 80" are installed on various trucks, cars and utility vehicles by established network of over than 150 authorized partners.

In 2019 we decided to enhance the international presence and signed the Global Distribution Agreement with XMETRA company,that bears long experience witр international distribution of vehicles telematics. 

We are always open to discuss the new projects,business opportunities and partnership.



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Speed limitation for tracking, safety and security.
Limits speed in preset geozone
If seat belt isn't fastened,further driving is not possible.
Secures smooth immobilization by turning engine to idle mode
Dump truck with lifted cargo body
Transportation hazardous cargo.
Passenger door is not closed.
Lifting and handling equipment
Tire pressure is low
Active errors on the dashboard
Integration with driver fatigue sensor
Reading CAN bus data.

2 On buses, when transporting organized groups of children. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device ensures that the bus cannot move with the doors open, and also limits its maximum speed to 60 km / h.


2On vehicles carrying dangerous goods. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter limits the vehicle's possible maximum speed to 90 km / h. A speed limiting device must be installed on a vehicle that carries any kind of dangerous goods. (In some cases, the speed limiting device on these vehicles may be replaced by the speed limiting function).


In the case of mandatory application of a speed limiting device on a vehicle, it (device) must have a type approval according to UN Regulation No. 89 and a certificate of conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 018/2011 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles". The speed limiting device "Nadezhny Control 80" has all these necessary documents, they can be found in the corresponding section of this site.

Voluntary application:

     Pay attention! The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter limits the speed solely by limiting the fuel supply to the internal combustion engine, without using any braking system. When any of the speed limit scenarios is implemented, the vehicle simply stops responding to the accelerator pedal and "coasting" reduces the speed to the set limit. Having reduced the speed to the allowable one, the vehicle will again begin to respond to the accelerator pedal until the vehicle speed reaches the limit threshold. This ensures maximum safety when using the "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device, even in heavy traffic on motorways.

2On special vehicles with additional special equipment - a tipper body, crane manipulator, blade, brushes, etc. The speed limiting device "Nadezhny Control 80" does not allow you to exceed a predetermined speed (for example, 10 km / h), until the special equipment is placed in the transport position (the dump truck is completely lowered, the crane-manipulator is located in the dimensions of the transport means, blade raised, brush off, etc.)


2 On buses, when transporting passengers. "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter disengages the accelerator pedal until the bus doors are closed.




2On forklift trucks. Forklifts, despite their unprepossessing appearance, have significant engine power and are capable of high speed. In closed warehouses, this is very dangerous, and taking into account the cost of the transported cargo, it can become very expensive. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device will certainly limit the speed to the safe (for example, up to 5 km / h) of any forklift, even one that has no electronic control at all.



2On any vehicles with high cost of wheel tires. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device will limit the vehicle speed to 30 km if the tire pressure drops or the temperature rises, thus preserving the integrity of the wheel tire. Only possible if the vehicle has a TPMS function.



2On any vehicles, when the driver tries to use the jammers of GPS / GLONASS signals. At present, the use of satellite tracking systems for the operation of transport is widespread in commercial equipment. However, quite often not conscientious drivers of such vehicles use devices that make the car “invisible” to the owner for some time. During this time, such drivers have time to "swerve to the left". The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device will limit the vehicle speed to 2 km / h as soon as the jammer of GPS / GLONASS signals is activated, which makes it meaningless to use the jammer.




2On any vehicles, including construction equipment. Often there is a situation when an employee of an enterprise - a driver - does not stop the engine of a vehicle / tractor before leaving, for example for lunch. As a result, the engine runs at idle for hours, wasting fuel, engine hours, and its own resource. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter will stop the engine after a predetermined idle time, making sure that the vehicle is stationary and warning the driver with an audible signal (if he is in the cab). The time is set when configuring the device.




2On vehicles already fitted with a driver recognition system. The speed limiting device "Nadezhny Control 80" will limit the speed of the vehicle at the command of the system when a set scenario occurs - smoking while driving, talking on a mobile phone, distraction from the road, fatigue, sleeping while driving, etc. When a scenario occurs, the speed limiter will limit the vehicle's speed to 30 km / h for 30 seconds. Or disables the accelerator pedal completely. Such work of the system and the speed limiting device allows you to make the driver more diligent and responsible, and in case of falling asleep.




2On any vehicles when entering an area with a low permissible speed of movement (on the territory of an airport, factory, field, quarry, etc.). The on-board device of the vehicle monitoring system is configured in such a way that when entering a given territory (geofence), it sends a signal to the speed limiting device "Nadezhny Control 80", which in turn will immediately limit the speed of the vehicle to the set and permissible one. When leaving the geofence, the on-board device of the monitoring system stops giving a command to the speed limiter and the vehicle can again move at maximum speed. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device integrates freely with most vehicle monitoring systems, including those already installed on the vehicle.



2On any vehicles to limit speed up to the immobility of the vehicle with the driver not wearing a seat belt. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter will prevent you from exceeding the set speed (eg 3 km / h) until the driver has fastened the seat belt.



2On any vehicle The "Nadezhny Control 80" Speed ​​Limiter will automatically reduce your vehicle speed to 30 km / h on uneven roads. The unevenness of the road and the speed limit are adjusted in each case.



2On heavy trucks with a ZF manual transmission. The "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiting device will not allow the vehicle's accelerator pedal to be used in any gear except the first to allow the vehicle to move.




2On any vehicle, when reversing, the "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter will not allow the owner to exceed the speed set by the owner, for example 5 km / h.



2On any vehicle towing a trailer, the "Nadezhny Control 80" speed limiter will not allow acceleration to exceed 80 km / h.



The installation of a speed limiting device "Nadezhny Control 80" on a wheeled vehicle in the overwhelming majority of cases is not a change in its (car) design and is not subject to mandatory registration with the traffic police departments. The most common exceptions are vehicles manufactured before 2000



Smart Speed Limit Device NK-80


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