"Zhavoronok XXI VEK" LLC develops and manuctures electronic Speed Limiting Device (SLD) since 2012.

We provide installallation,repair and calibration of automotive electronics: tachographs,Engine Control Units, GPS/GSM tracking systems since 2000 year and are recognized experts in this field.

In 2012 we started development and manufacturing the Speed Limitation Device model "Nadezhny Control 80" according to international standards.

At the moment more than 40 000 pcs. SLD "Nadezhny Control 80" are installed on various trucks, cars and utility vehicles by established network of over than 150 authorized partners.

In 2019 we decided to enhance the international presence and signed the Global Distribution Agreement with XMETRA company,that bears long experience witр international distribution of vehicles telematics. 

We are always open to discuss the new projects,business opportunities and partnership.



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Universal device
Universal device
May be installed on virtually any type of truck,
car,utility vehicle,agricultural machinery or heavy equipment powered by diesel, biofuel,petrol or LPG engine.
Supports 2 types of signals from electronic
accelerator pedal, including PWM (Pulse Wide
Modulation) and bears 2 inputs for sensors of
geozone,seat belts,dumper truck lifted basket
position,low tire pressure,door status and etc.
Settable on different parameters.
Settable on different parameters.
Configurable to trigger by various parameters:
- entrance to a specific geofence
- the seat belt is not fastened
- the door of the bus is not closed
- dumper truck's bascket is lifted
- there are active errors on the dashboard (check
the engine, high coolant temperature
-Low tire pressure
-A smooth decrease in speed upon receipt of an
immobilization signal
Suitable for special equipment
Suitable for special equipment
May be installed on utility vehicles,warehouse equipment,heavy equpment and buses.
Provides speed limitation for tructor -trucks, private,carsharing and taxi cars,dumper trucks,forklifts,road fuel tankers,school buses,agricultural and construction equipment according various scenarious.
Secures safe and smooth remote immobilization,enhances road safety,assets and cargo security.
Relable device and experienced supplier.
Our Speed Limitation Device is designed and manufactured by company that installs and repairs tachographs, GPS monitoring systems,speed control devices since 2000 and is an expert in automotive electronics.
Speed Governors bear a high level of reliability in various operating conditions, including old type vehicles, bad roads and extreme conditions.
Speed limitation for tracking, safety and security.
Limits speed in preset geozone
If seat belt isn't fastened,further driving is not possible.
Secures smooth immobilization by turning engine to idle mode
Dump truck with lifted cargo body
Transportation hazardous cargo.
Passenger door is not closed.
Lifting and handling equipment
Tire pressure is low
Active errors on the dashboard
Worldwide distributor
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